Jonathan Zandbergen

Jonathan Zandbergen has been working as an executive chef for Restaurant Merlet since 2015. His cooking method is based on tradition and innovation.

Tradition and innovation Fine products,

special flavours from around the world, an innovative French kitchen.

I create tasteful dishes with local ingredients.
I’m always in search of the best products in the surrounding area, with respect for the animals and all the other things nature gives.
Vegetables are very important since they bring agreeable flavours and because they are easily digestible.
The story of a product matters.
The idea of slow food is an idea that suits me.
Take for instance the superb fresh bass of fisherman Jack or the tasty vegetables of Jeroen of the farm Noorderhoeve.
The passion and dedication of the producers and the way they treat their products is what counts above all.
As chef I pursue this passion and dedication in the kitchen of Merlet.
Here we serve the best seasonal dishes in a work atmosphere full of courage and ambition!

For more inspiration, click here for the website of Jonathan Zandbergen and here for the Instagram page of Restaurant Merlet for the latest dishes and inspiration.

Stefan Wierda

Stefan Wierda has been working at Restaurant Hotel Merlet since 2008. Driven and passionate about his profession, he is responsible for the wines at Merlet.

I enjoy wine.
And I get so much pleasure out of it.
Which wine best suits the moment, the person, or the occasion.
This is what I love to do most.
I discovered this for myself.
This is "my thing."
Don't be afraid to choose something you like.
What you like.
Also dare to take on the challenge.

A lot has changed in the last 10 years and we have worked hard on our wine menu.
Think of it as an accurate assembly of more than 300 different wines.
The diversity is huge.
The is a wine for everyone.

Respect for nature.
Dynamic viticulture.
Constant quality.

The terms of today.

This has been the guideline for many domains for years.
Everything is chosen based on pure nature or is simply insane, and basically everything in between.
Either way, it is done with love and dedication.

Stefan Wierda

Maître & Sommelier

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