Stay in one of our spacious rooms

Restaurant Hotel Merlet has thirteen luxuriously designed, spacious and light rooms, each with its own unique character. The rooms have a surface of approximately 30 square meters.

Spacious rooms with a unique character

The rooms are equipped with:

  • bath
  • separate shower
  • separate seating area
  • toilet
  • hair dryer
  • smart TV
  • wireless Internet
  • telephone
  • air conditioning
  • safe

Some spacious rooms have a balcony.

The spacious rooms on the second floor have a Freshbed: Freshbed provides a wonderful microclimate full of freshness and unparalleled hygiene. All night long you will be silently surrounded by purified air and you will enjoy the luxury of dry and fresh bed linen. By setting the ideal bed temperature that works best for your body, you create a tailor-made sleeping experience like never before.

The theme room The Nude Room is also located on the first floor: with photography works by Sanne Sannes, Barry Konbluh and Rutger ten Broeke.


Enjoy an attractive stay ...
in our spacious spacious rooms