The history and growth of Merlet

Since the establishment of Restaurant Hotel Merlet in 1984 by Bert and Nelleke van Bourgonje, Merlet has experienced successful growth in every respect. Below is a brief overview of the most important milestones since its establishment.

1984 Start of business by Nelleke and Bert van Bourgonje: 18 hotel rooms, swimming pool, sauna, restaurant and a meeting room

1986 Merlet acquires exploitation of 't Oude Raadhuisje

1995 Merlet builds a new restaurant with 2 extra halls and the existing restaurant will feature Grand Café Bourgogne

1996 Selected by hotel ANWB as hotel of the year

1998 Awarded Michelin star with chef Alan Pearson

1998 Renovation of swimming pool and sauna

1999 Carla and Martin van Bourgonje take over Merlet

2001 Retain Michelin star with new chef Wilco Berends

2001 Renovation of the restaurant

2003 Realization of 2 meeting rooms in Duinweg 7

2004 Expansion hotel with 7 suites and the Duinblick room

2005 Renovation suites Earth, Air and Lotta

2006 New architect-designed parking space and realization of the Royal Suite

2007 Retain Michelin star with new chef Timo Munts

2007 Expansion with two new Generous Rooms

2007 Appointed new chef Timo Munts

2007 After reaching the age of 65, Bert van Bourgonje steps down from Merlet

2008 Renovation of the restaurant

2008 Renovation of sauna and also expansion with steam cabin, solarium and fitness

2009 The very first Merlet cookbook came out 'A restaurant with ten stars, art in the kitchen of Schoorl'. The proceeds of this cookbook go to the charity department Hematology of the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam

2009 Merlet celebrates its 25th anniversary in April

2009 Membership Alliance Gastronomique 2010 Renovation of the Grand Café

2011 Renovation of Standard rooms and also extension of Standard rooms to Generous rooms

2012 New construction of lounge, Bar de Mer, parking garage, four spacious rooms, two suites and private kitchen for Grand Café Bourgogne

2013 New chef Frank van Enter took office

2015 Appointed new executive chef Jonathan Zandbergen

2016 Standard rooms renewed

2016 Michelin star retained

2016 Risen in the Lekker top 100

2016 Jonathan Zandbergen talented chef of the year - Gault Millau 2017

2017 Marco Helsloot winner of the silver chef's knife - Horecava

2017 Marco Helsloot & Basz Varga third in the national championship for students - Horecava

2017 Merlet exhibits photography by Marco Borsato

2017 Anniversary!   Restaurant Merlet received the Michelin star for the 20th consecutive year

2018 Jonathan Zandbergen, Marco Helsloot and Rob Overdevest win the Gouden Koksmuts cooking competition at the Horecava

2019 Restaurant Merlet reopens after a spectacular renovation

2019 Restaurant Merlet receives the De Librije team for a chef's collaboration event

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