Seven Dutch chefs in the Top 100 The Best Chef Awards

The Best Chef has announced the Top 100 with new candidates for The Best Chef Awards 2020. On September 21, 22 and 23, the Food Meets Science conference, the live talk Area Talks and an award gala will be organized in Rotterdam.

Every year 100 new chefs are selected by the independent partners of The Best Chef. France, Spain, the United States, Brazil, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom provide the most new candidates for the 2020 list. The Netherlands welcomes seven new faces this year: Dennis Huwaë (Daalder, Amsterdam), Erik & Juliën van Loo (Parkheuvel , Rotterdam), François Geurds (FG Restaurant, Rotterdam), Fred Mustert (Fred, Rotterdam), Jan Sobecki (Tribeca, Heeze), Jonathan Zandbergen (Merlet, Schoorl) and Sidney Schutte (Spectrum, Amsterdam).

Dutch candidates
Together with the Dutch chefs who made the selection last year - Jonnie Boer, Richard Ekkebus, Nick Bril, Jacob Jan Boerma, Syrco Bakker, Jannis Brevet, Joris Bijdendijk and Soenil Bahadoer - they have the chance to be included in the final Top 100. The list of all new candidates is available on the website of The Best Chef Awards.

The voting starts on 1 April 2020. All chefs from the 2019 list and the new candidates for 2020 are invited to vote for their colleagues. In addition, a selection of hospitality professionals, photographers and foodies will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite chefs. The 100 chefs with the highest scores will eventually be included in the Top 100 of The Best Chef Awards 2020.

New this year is the Science Award, a recognition for the chef who excels in the field of research and the use of experimental techniques.

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