• Terrine of duck liver with red beetroot, apple and brioche 15
  • Steak tartare with serranoham, parmesan cheese and truffle mayonnaise  12
  • Smoked salmon with Amsterdam sour and mousseline of salmon with green herbs 12­­­
  • Carpaccio of halibut with rettich, green apple and lavender mayonnaise 12
  • Buffalo mozzarella with green asparagus, crème of avocado and mango chutney 12



MAIN COURSES *all main courses are served with salad and fries

  • Grilled entrecôte with sweet potato, carrot, red onion and jus with sambai vinegar 27
  • Confit de canard with mashed potato, red beetroot, green asparagus and jus royale 24
  • Filet of seabass with lemon risotto and sauce of lobster with garam masala 24
  • Filet of hake with pomme pont neuf, carrot and vinaigrette of crab and tandoori 24
  • Croquettes of parmesan cheese with couscous, tomato and jalapeño foam 24



  • Cherry clafoutis with white chocolate mousse and yoghurt ice cream 9
  • Pecan brownie with crème of fig, balsamic and orange sorbet 9
  • Marinated strawberries with chocolate mousse, mint and strawberry sorbet 9
  • Cheeses from fromagerie Kef with nutbread and matching garnish 12
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