With great pleasure we invite you to enjoy the music at Merlet. You can listen to live music in the Lounge on 12 and 19 April. Admission is free. Enjoy nice easy-listening music; a bit of Jazz and nice listening songs, while you chat with each other while enjoying a drink.

No reservation is required, you can enter the Lounge from 16:00 and enjoy a pleasant afternoon. Do you continue to have a bite to eat at Grand Café Bourgogne?

Put the coming dates in your agenda:

Pianist Jos van Beest (1956) is not only supported by his audience in the Netherlands, but also enjoys great international fame and appreciation. As a pianist, he is regularly invited to see and hear in clubs and festivals in Western Europe. Van Beest swings smoothly and gives his own unique interpretations to his broad repertoire. Jos van Beest often arranges his pieces in improvised intros, where the themes are surprisingly introduced. Keep an eye on the magazine for the line-up per date.

Merlet is organizing another pleasant jazz afternoon in the Lounge on Sunday 19 April. This time the music is provided by the Old Style Jazz band "Ballwork Seven".

The aforementioned band was originally founded in 1960 as a student band of a Utrecht student association. After the graduation of the members, the band fell apart and the mutual contact disappeared. In the context of the 100th anniversary of the student association, the idea arose to bring the band back together for once. The performance at the centenary of more than 1700 people was a great success.

The main reason for this was probably the enthusiasm with which the band members played; after more than 50 years they effortlessly picked up the thread again. That the various band members had gained a rich experience in jazz and other music in the intervening years will certainly have played a role. After this success it was therefore decided not to leave it at this one performance; in the meantime regular rehearsals and performances are taking place. After the great success of last fall, the band returns in April!

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