A new concept by Restaurant Merlet* & Jonathan Zandbergen

CHEFFD Atelier is a Japanese style chefs table restaurant where everything revolves around THE ultimate dining experience.

Beauty in design and presentation provide peace and focus to fully enjoy the dishes.The dishes are composed with the very best international ingredients. Storytelling plays a major role and is supported in this new concept by 4K video projection with unique content.

Don’t expect a cinema, but an evening-filling program that stimulates all your senses.

Are you ready for the experience?

Experience a spectacular evening at the open kitchen. The chefs prepare an amazing 10-course tasting menu and take you on a gastronomic journey with all the background stories behind the dishes.



The cooking style is inspired by Japanese Kaiseki cuisine and the omakase style. In Japan, omakase is an age-old concept and is a way of dining in which the guest surrenders completely to the skills of the chef.

Omakase shimasu, omakase for short translates to “I leave it to you” in which you refer to the chef and sommelier. The Kaiseki cuisine combines different skills and cooking techniques within one menu. Think of stewing, grilling, steaming and the application of Japanese cutting techniques.